Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Juice is Loose

Went on a trip from Phoenix to Albuquerque to Denver with the OJ Wheels crew

Nightly youtube sessions

stack of decks

Dave Tuck in his own backyard, yard pictured below

perfect, there are ten of us

silent mike at the amazing new park in colorado springs

just friends

if the guy who had to clean this up on monday didn't get a laugh out of it I feel for him

old man shane told us of a pool in phx, here his son rayce crailslides
the box after telling his dad to "eat a dick"

pkid alley oop

our accomodations in ABQ were at Palmer Estates and Brewery

if you go to ABQ and don't bomb indian school ditch
you really should have just stayed home

it was so hot in phx the water in the hot tub evaporated in fifteen minutes

cranny not skating tranny
denver accomodations provided by Charles Masque, Cranston opts to tan while sleeping

cranston getting all the killer moves on tape

god awful spelling

frecks with the fruits of his labor

silent mike and conover doubles at el mirage in phx

you know where this guy stands

transworld crew in denver

once again just friends

the amazing park in colorado springs

angel ramirez got a dog, chica chills tough

denver host charles masque front feebs

empty fish pond in abq, boat obliges over the hip

angel missed his 7 am flight so he picked up a twelver and got a tattoo
waiting for the next flight out of town

angel back tail in tucks bowl

cranston and how he rolls shotgun

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