Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dog Grooming On the Go

Mobile dog grooming is a popular service in the Valley of the Sun

Stephanie Peters owns Lucky Dog Mobile Dog Spa

The majority of her clients live in the Goodyear area, west of Phoenix Her days are booked to the level that she has not taken any new customers in over a year. A typical day involves washing and grooming a half dozen dogs.

The inside of her van has everything that a dog groomer could need. Hot and cold running water for the wash tub, several blow dryers, scissors, clippers, an adjustable grooming table that can accommodate dogs up to 80pounds, built in vacuum, stereo and most importantly an air conditioner tokeep everything cool.

This guy is a bit shaky. Stephanie says he's a regular and its typical of little dogs to be a bit nervous.

Here he holds still for a proper trim. He gets this treatment, a wash and trip about every three weeks.

A typical grooming session with wash and trim lasts about an hour this little girl helps speed up the drying process with a shake of her own

Stephanie started washing dogs for a pet store about ten years ago. She worked her way up from just washing dogs to grooming the finest dogs. About three years ago she started Lucky Dog Mobile Dog Spa.
She loves all her customers and isn't afraid to strike up a conversation.
This little girl really shrunk when the water soaked in.

A little blow drying will fix that

Another satisfied customer

Ready to be returned to her owner.


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  3. Stephanie groomed all 3 of our dogs when we lived west of Phoenix. She was the best, most conscientious groomer we have ever had. I really miss the great care she gave all of our little dogs.